Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Friday, April 30, 2010

I did something quirky today after work. I walked around the corner from the Marriott where I'm staying (of course) and toddled on down to The Slippery Noodle, a blues joint in Indianapols, known for its fabulous history, great music and somewhat crappy food. I'm a  big fan of the Blues, raw emotion, coupled with great rhythms. Oooooo! That's so nice.

The place has quite a history. Built in 1850 as The Tremont Hotel, (an original sign still hangs there) it was the first German Clubs in Indianapolis. In the 1860's the name was changed to the Concordia House, then the Germania House until World War I. It was used as a stagecoach stop,then railroad stop for passengers. It has a rich history with the Underground Railroad as a slave santcuary. Slaves were hidden in underground tunnels, which I had the opportunity to go through. Other names for the place were Beck's Salon and during prohibition it was named Moore's Beer Tavern.

Gangsters like the Brady and Dillinger gangs hung out here, using the back of the building for target practice. Bullets are still lodged there. The present owners are Harold and Lorean Yeagy. The Noodle has been in their family since 1963. Live Blues is played seven nights a week with two bands on the weekends.

It once had 14 luxurious rooms and was used as a brothel. Stayed that way until 1953 when two men fought over a certain woman. She was killed. The kife used, stabbed into the wooden bar. The mark is still there. Ti roof, original backbar. Quite a site for those who love architecture.The basement of the Noodle had been used to distill liquor during prohibition. Cattle and pigs were slaughtered there as well. It's used as storage now.

One of the most interesting things I learned from the staff was that the Noodle has two ghosts. Bonified. George is a black Civil War Soldier. He lives in the basement. He used to shovel coal so when people actually see him they all describe him the same, covered with ash. A delivery man popped in the back door and headed down to the basement with supplies. He flipped on the light-- you guessed it, George was standing there. He dropped everything and bolted up the stairs. He never delivered there again.

They even had a paraormal specialist come in because they had this one spot in the basement gravel floor that never dried. It was a wet even when there was no rain or water leakage. The person they brought in was told nothing before they moved to the basement. When the person reached the room where the spot was, they stopped. They told the owner to quit walking on the dirt floor, as someone or something was buried there. They gave the Noodle a choice. Dig it up and move elsewhere or leave it where it was and cement over the floor. The cement looks petty good!

The other ghost is Sarah. She been spotted a few times. Everyone gives the same description Long, dark hair. A blue dress. She's in the balcony overlooking the stage in the back part of the building.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, a couple asked if they could have a private wedding on the stage in the back room. Bride. Groom. Limo Driver, photographer and pastor. After the ceremony, the photographer asked  if the owner knw who the lady was in the balcony watching the wedding. She wore a blue dress. The owner told the photographer it was someone who came to the Noodle....a lot.

Great history!

Just as I'm ready to get back to my writing at the Marriott, in comes five women. A bit older than I am, but big smiles, self-assured and quite beautiful. I watched them move through the Noodle. Confident. Laughing. Movingtheir arms to te music pumping from the juke box.I had to follow them, hear their story. They met each other in Marikesh and since get together on a regular basis. Travelling. Living la vida loca! How wonderful to see people clinging to the rich life we've been given! You go girls!

Now I've got to run tonight. I've got an early flight! I rambled, but should be back on track by tomorrow!

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