Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A New Roommate

For those of you that know me, our son Tate is in the Coast Guard. He and his lovley bride, Amanda are beng transfered to Kodiak Island, Alaska. Well, we have four granddogs and they can only take two. Miss Amara, the oldest of the dogs and the smalest will be staying behind at Elaine's and Gerald's, Amanda's parents. Bella, the baby and Triton, the bully are going with the kids to Alaska.

Michael just returned from Alabama with the biggest of the dogs, Chauncey!  We'll have him until the kids get settled, then we'll return him. Today we bought dog items, food bowls, water bowls, a dog kennel for the garage, toys, beds, you know, all the "grandkid" things.

Above is his first photo.  He's laying in the box the kennel came in. Look down along the side of this blog and you'll see his new garage kennel (which he'l l probably never be in.) He's going to be great company for us, but we know the kids are missing him already. Isn't it great being a parent and helping out when you can?


  1. He's beautiful! My Lily Belle has some American Staffordshire in her, too. Very majestic!!!

    Granddoggers are wonderful things!


  2. He's a very good dog! I think I've seen your dog on your site, haven't I? He'll be tough to give up but the kids miss him already.

  3. How wonderful is that!!!!!! You will fall in love....Dogs are the BEST! (((Hugs))) for Chauncey!


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