Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Editing Process is in Full Swing!

So many exciting things going on! Let's put them in order of importance.

1. God really blessed me with the presence of my 17-month-old grandson for the past 3 weeks. I flew to Alaska, picked him up and had him all to myself until my son arrived. This baby could not be more precious. We laughed and played and talked, well, he talked:-) His favorite word is "bird."  Before he joined his mom and dad, I was able to teach him to "pray." When we sat down to eat, I'd say, "Jaxon, let's pray!" He'd clasp his little hands together and grin. He'd keep his eyes open, but he stayed very still as I prayed. How joyous a time we had! It broke my heart to have him leave, but I'll see him again soon!

2. My dear editor, Lori Higham, once again has my work in the editing process. The Button Legacy is on track for publishing as an e-book by July. I'm very excited, as this novella is an uplifting prequel, or you might say sequel to Run, River Currents.

3. The book cover, designed again by the talented Greg Simanson is beautiful and I am very proud of it.

4. I have been invited by the library of my hometown, Fort Fairfiled, Maine to present yet another program as I tour around New Brunswick, Canada in August. My older, and I always have to mention that, older, sister Sue and I will be doing the tour and I am so excited to spend some time with her while I am doing something I love!

I'll be giving a writing seminar in several places as well as reading from both of my works. I'll keep you informed and thank you for all of the wonderful support I have received!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Name Has Arrived!!

Just to keep you all up to date, the novella is beginning the editing process and plans are in place for publishing by early summer.

The Button Legacy is now the title. The novella, or short novel, will be told from John Polk's view. He was the grandfather of Emily Evans, the main character of Run, River Currents. This character is so real to me. John is, or should I say was, one of my greatest personal influences. He was a good Christian man who lived his life in a way that honored Christ and finally led me to the Lord.

The story is about the button box mentioned in Run, River Currents. It sat high on an old oak hutch in my grandparent's house. When it was pulled down, and any button pulled out of it, a story ensued. I hope this novella will be a tribute to the good experiences, among the very bad, I had as a child.

And in the end, the reader will come to see where Emily ends up in her own life, all because of The Button Legacy.