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Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tobique - my first novel

I hope you'll enjoy my first novel, Tobique. ( pronounced toe-bick)

Here's a short synopsis:
Emily Evans returns to her childhood home in Perth-Andover, Canada, for the funeral of Denny LeRouche, her estranged father. The visit stirs a rage that she's been unable to control since her childhood. After punching her father in the face as he lay in his casket, Emily chooses to bypass the family gathering and instead returns to the only safe haven she ever knew as a child.

As Emily maneuvers along the Tobique River toward her grandparents home in Plaster Rock, the sweet smell of pine forests and the sight of white birch stands clutching the flowing river, awaken a plethora of memories; both bitter and sweet. The summers of revivals and baptisms, the drowning of a close friend, her grandfather's harvest of the logs, Denny's incestuous lust, and her mother, Maureen's, emotional abandonment, all swirl in her mind.

Emily still feels the power the Tobique River holds in giving and taking life. Arriving at the water's edge, she wades into the murky river. Will the Tobique finally release Emily from her past and allow her to forgive her parent's abuses, or will she give in to the Tobique's own rage?

Set in the rich north woods of New Brunswick, Canada, the story is rich in visceral details and powerful scenes that draw the reader into this story of redemption and forgiveness.