Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Plaster Rock Bound! You Can Go Home Again!

For those not familiar with the main setting of Run, River Currents,the home town of my real grandparents, John and Ellen, was Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, Canada. I am on my way there to do a book signing and a speaking engagement. Nothing could excite me more than to be returning "home."

Although I was born in Fort Fairfield, Maine, a delightful small down on the Candian border, it was Plaster Rock that always felt like my "safe" place. It was where my grandparents quietly revealed the love of Christ to me via the silent witness they did. My grandfather often prayed at the foot of our beds on the wee hours of the night. I can remember him sitting by the lace covered windows of their tiny house, an open Bible in his lap. It is a memory forever etched in my mind.

As a writer, it was that "sense of place" that was revealed in Run, River Currents. For new writers, I suggest that they use the remembered places of their youth to move the reader. I have had so many people ask me if The Tobique River was real, because they "felt" it was real. Yes, it was and I am so pleased that my memories moved so many others.

Now I get to return to that special place and to those special people that made the precious memories I still retain. I'll keep you posted as to my antics over the next couple of weeks. I know I'll be enjoying very minute of it!