Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Sometimes as writers, we expect that everyone will like everything we write. We have such a strong desire to be published that we are angered when the plain white post card with a stamped, "We can't use your work at this time. Thank you." drops into our mailbox, (email or post), and announces that yes, you are a crappy writer and this rejection note proves it.

Then we might pout, or call a fellow writer to try and suck some sympathy from them. We just know that there is a cad on the other end of that rejection letter, some jerk who probably didn't even read the wonderful piece of prose we wrote!

But what I've found, already, in my short career is that as a writer, we must listen, absord and understand what the rejection letter really means. It's not a personal attack. It is a rejection of the work. Maybe it was not aptly suited for the place to which it was sent. Maybe it was not written in a format that best displays the work. Maybe it's been done. Maybe the poor publisher is so overwhelmed that they just can't read one more work!

I had such was a rejection just a couple of weeks ago. At first, my disappointment was palpable. I say that, because I was alone and I swear I could feel the blood thumping through my veins as I read it. I was hurt, as a rejection of any writer's work cuts to the bone, (even though we won't admit it). Then I read the rejection again. I was the lucky writer who had an editor tell me what they didn't like about my story. They gave me helpful insights of what was expected for their publication. They were brutally honest! But they gave me something more. They gave me a second chance to write it!

Guess what? I did. I rewote the article. I received a reply that it was accepted! So, I guess the moral to this story is, save all the rejection postcards as you'll need them to remind you that as a writer, you will be disappointed. Not everyone will like everything you write, but write anyway, or maybe it's better said, rewrite anyway!

Have a good week!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

General News and a firm Graduation date

I've been conspicuously quiet as between concentrating on my school work and my husband's "procedure" have been keeping me quite busy. Now don't start calling me, he's fine, I'm fine and life is good!

That said, I'm on the verge of completing the educational portion of my paper and am running full bore at my book editing. I want to acknowledge the Des Moines writing group once again, as well as my friend and mentor, Sara, my writing buddy, Gray, my edit eyes, Marty, Chris, the New York agent, and my sister, Sue. Between all of their generous and honest critiques, I've finally found a structure for my book that makes sense!

Having never written a manuscript before, I didn't understand that structure is so closely related to the movement of the reader through time. Having a firm grip on that idea now, I am plodding ahead!

Also, I have just received news about graduation. Should the Creative Writing Office get all my information in on time, I should be graduating on May 22, 2010 with my MFA! Yippee! For those interested please see the following website for details! http://wilkes.edu/pages/754.asp

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts! You guys are pulling me through this wacky and wonderful time!