Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where Does a Story Come from?

First, the photos today are from out my window on the river in St Paul, Minnesota. Sure, I travel a lot, but this is usually what I get to see. Anything that is out the window of my car or hotel:)  I'll behere through Saturday!

Anyway, I had a woman ask me today, "Where do your stories come from?"  That's simple. They come from everywhere! I asked her to tell me  bit about her family.  She has a brother who was married to a woman who took him for every red cent he had, then ran off with a man who owned a B-B Que pit.

Right there I wrote down the tidbits of a comedic story.

Next she told me that she went to a Catholic school where the head nun liked to dance, while she took showers. Her mother went bald at 35 from using real "bleach" on her hair. (Yes she was a blonde.) Her father drove a milk truck. Her sister loved to dress as a man.

Can't you just see a hysterical story? She even had to laugh when I pointed it all out! Story ideas are all around us. Your best bet in remembering them is to cary a small notebook with you wherever you go and write own things you observe or hear. Eavesdrop on conversations. What people say might be great dialogue for your next book!

Keep looking at life. There's a story there!

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