Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This week in Gingerland

This week's been a blur! Got home from Atlanta on Tuesday evening and left for Houston on Wednesday morning. Marriott's Hiltons', taxis, rental cars, United. Nice seat mates throughout this week.

One of things I find most exciting is how many "closet" writers are out there! I met a lovely woman at the airport in Atlanta who kindly offered me a seat at her table when the restaurant was full. We chatted a while about things women do. I told her about my writing. She shared with me that she has a friend who's just published a book and loves to have readers. We shared information and I hope to have contact with him soon, as I know how valuable honest critiques can be. Writers are wonderful about helping each other out!

This month in More magazine, Norris Church Mailer, widow of the great writer Norman Mailer, had a cutting of her new memoir "A Ticket to the Circus" which has just been released. I've listened to parts of the book being read during residency at Wilkes University and love Norris's brutal honesty and humor in the way she writes about her life. If you have a chance pick up the book. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Last night here in Houston, (I go home in the morning) I had an opportunity to visit with some real "Southern Ladies" from the University of Texas. Being the "new kid" on the block in the field of insurance I'm working in, I can often be left out of so much. But these ladies, Yvette and Tricia were so special. They shared parts of there lives with me, sat with me as we ate and genuinely made me feel a part of the program. Yvette lost her 10 year old son to MS just last year, yet she was so encouraging to those around her. I am always honored to meet people with such strength. You can tell where it comes from immediately.

Tonight, I just turned in Round Three of Ten in "The Whittaker" writing contest. Wow, is this intense! There are about 35 fiction writers. We are scored in each round by a different judge which keeps things impartial. The scores run from 1-100. My friend Gray encouraged me along.

Round One, we both did very well. Round Two she kicked my butt. Round Three...we'll see! At the end of the contest in July, all scores will be tallied and the winner announced! Great fun!

Don't forget if you'd like a very short challenge, try next week's contest with Writers Weekly. It costs $5.00 to enter and starts at noon on Saturday, April 24. It ends at noon on Sunday, April 25. You MUST pre-register! Go to http://www.writersweekly.com/misc/contest.phpu !  At the appointed time (noon) you will receive a prompt (everyone gets the same one) and the word count (how many words you're allowed to use) and then you get to work! Make sure you follow the rules exactly and turn your work in on time!

Well, off to bed! It's been a long, productive day! Have a good one all!

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