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Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sometimes You Just Need a Love Story

Today, I happen to be celebrating 38 years of loving the same man. It's our anniversary.  I spent the day travelling to Chattanooga, TN via Atlanta, GA. Michael spent the day driving to and from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Both of us are wondering why we are so far apart.

I met him in Munich, Germany on my 18th birthday. He was bent over a cigarette machine (yes he quit). He was a Green Beret and in a very nice fitting uniform. I grabbed the arm of my girlfriend and said, "Look at that rear end, THAT'S the man I'm going to marry!" Two days later he proposed. We were laying on the grass watching the stars, stars so bright you could pluck them from the sky. He was a perfect gentleman. I said yes before I even knew his real name. They called him "Ski". I've never stopped loving him.

So even though this day is a bit lonesome for both of us, the years it has taken us to get to this place, the ups and downs, the good and bad have all made ours such a rich love. God had a plan we couldn't see back then, but we now know how blessed we are to have each other. Happy Anniversary my Sweet!

And for those writers who might like to embark on a career of writing romance, head on over to the Romance Writers of America for some great tips on this genre! After all, everyone needs a little romance!



  1. Love this story! And I'm wondering, what did Mike think of you when he first met you?

  2. Oh! That's a good one! I called him and asked your question as it's something we've never discussed!

    Michael said he was drawn to me because of my sense of adventure. He was ready to get married and settle down and knew immediately that I was everything he had been looking for. He knew my zest for life would be an interesting ride.

    In that way, I know don't disappoint him:)


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