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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Bridges of Madison County and Formatting a Manuscript

Nothing brings to mind a forbidden love quicker than the Book or Movie of "The Bridges of Madison County." I happen to live less than an hour away and have never had the chance to visit until this weekend. Nohng brings out the tourist in you quicker than company! The bridges were compelling and a beautiful piece of history I was happy to see preserved. One of the bridges sits in a city park. The others are oer small creeks or ravenes.

Winterset, Iowa is the home to the six remaining bridges, several of them used in the filming of the movie. Francesca's house its just outside of Winterset and can be viewed but not toured. The link to the bridges and the information of their history is listed below. Tour wth me, won't you?



I was quite surprised to realize how publishers and editors expect to receive manuscripts from authors! Here's a few quick tips to make your finished product look profesonal! This information came from th program at Wilkes University and verified by Writers Market.

Font:  12 pt. size in Courier or Times New Roman. For Titles and chapter hadings 14 pt. type in bold

Spacing: Text id double-spaed throughout; tabs are five spaces from left margin, all pages are left side justified

Special Conventions: chapters begin ne-third way down the pagewhere the title is centered on the pae ndext begions two double-spaces 4) below the chapter heaing. Standard formats require the use f quoation markes for dialouge and new pargraphs for each new speaker.

These are simple, but every editor and publisher expects the writer to adhere to these rules when submitting a manuscript

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