Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I got out of bed this morning and ran up to the writing loft just because I have created the habit over the past year-and-a-half. Papers are strewn across both desks. My trash can looks like a cyclone of paper hit it. Books, pens, paper clips and assorted items are strewn everywhere. I just pushed back my chair and smiled! MY writing place!

I have to brag just a hair as Michael and I have always lived in the tiniest places. My old writing space was in a slant roofed attic, just barely big enough to get a desk and  chair in. A nook, really. Since last June we moved into a condo in Pella. It’s huge to any standard we’ve ever had! We don’t own it, just rent, which is a marvelous thing at this point in our lives. Time is so valuable. Not having to mow or shovel snow is great! But the thing that sold us on this was that it has a terrific loft! I have two leather chairs, three bookcases and two desks. They are always full of my writings and book, but I am so blessed! Anyway, see the photos today!

For the next couple of days I’m taking my time to reorganize this space, setting it up for next semester’s challenge. I’ll have earned my Master’s Degree this June, but I’m moving on to the Master’s of Fine Art Program, a terminal degree. It’s one more year of intensity, but it will be worth the ride.
To all of those that have supported me along this journey, thank you! I have mentioned you in my acknowledgement page of my thesis. That means the family, and my great Des Moines reading group! We'll all be famous soon!:) (Think big!)

Oh! A thought! Another idea for the next book! Oh! I’ve got to write it down right now! Oh! See ya!

Also, I know this is a bit off the wall, but haveany of you ever wanted to do something really different? We subscribe to The Careaker Gazzette at http://www.caretaker.org/. We have a friend who is a caretaker for a well-to-do man. His job is to prepare the houses in different states for when the owner returns. There are jobs for houseeepers absentee owners, off-the-grid, etc., as well as hose swaps around the world. Thought someone might find this interesting!  Enjoy!


  1. Nice space! A full trashcan is a sign of a prolific writer. Speaking of prolific, how's that story coming along for Saturday?

  2. What story??? A bit slow, but it will be done by Thursday evening:)


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