Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Countdown....

Since last blogging, I've been in at least four different cities and on eighteen or twenty different flights. I work all day and in the evening spend my time catching up on the various tasks my book manager has me doing. We are preparing for the launch of Run, River Currents, and for anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of having a book published, it is one heck of a ride!

Right now the book is in layout, which means someone, somewhere at Booktrope, is trying to make all of my jumbled words look really, really good for not only print books, but Amazon, Kindle, Nook and Barnes & Noble! It is also going through yet another proofreader, whose job is to make it as near perfect as it can be. Who knew a book about abuse, healing, and God's grace might ever have a chance to be in so many people's hands even before it was published!

Hang in there with me as we prepare for the launch on August 3rd, a date that will honor the birthdays of my youngest sister Tanya and my wonderful sister-in-law (she's really much closer than that,) Karen! Woo Hoo!!

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