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Thursday, January 31, 2013

No Starbuck's for you!

This new world of not "going" to a job every day can be a bit unnerving. Time seems to fly by a little too quickly for my liking. For those of you that know me, I do have reassure you of something.

I do not miss flying one little bit.

For those of you who don't know me well, I have left a job I have held for almost the last ten years and moved on. No more waiting in lines at airports. No more cancelled flights. No more lonely nights. In fact, when a fellow employee called me to let me know they were stuck at the Rochester airport because of a delayed flight, I smiled. They went on to say that the company no longer allowed them to buy anything at Starbuck's either. I smiled again.

Don't get me wrong, my company was a fantastic company to work for. My boss, a gem. They gave traveling employees a decent food allowance, and $50 per trip to use for "extra" things on the trip. Yet, over the past few years the "extra" things were being whittled away. First, they stopped allowing us to buy any magazines, which seemed aimed directly at the women travelers, who, like me, bought Women's Day, Oprah, People or Ladies Home Journal as a way to occupy the many, many hours we spent alone. Later, it was found out that one of the non-employee travelers that joined us from time-to-time, a male, had purchased not-so-nice magazine, which ruined it for the rest of us. That's how these things work. Someone does something not to "the higher powers" liking and everyone is punished for it.

Well, truth is, its probably my fault that Starbuck's was taken away from my former fellow employees. You see, I'm a bit spoiled. I have a latte every morning at home, made with love and whipped cream. So, when I travelled, Starbucks was the first stop for me. Double tall, latte made with whole milk and whipped creme. Sometimes I had a Morning bun to go with it. Usually I'd buy a water to use throughout the balance of the day. Sometimes that morning bun and water became both breakfast and lunch if I were stuck at the airport for hours on end. Yup, it was probably my fault.

One thing these companies should take into account is the fact that talented, relationship builders have given up way too much of their lives professionally representing their companies to have a magazine or a cup of coffee taken from them.  Just because the boss doesn't drink Starbuck's, doesn't mean the travller shouldn't. The bosses don't spend over one-half of the year stuck on airplanes, in rental cars, at airports or hotels, looking for any small distraction that might chase away the loneliness of leaving everything they love behind. No, they are with their families, attending bithday parties, having anniversary dinners and living their lives.

 Yes, the employee could move on if they don't like the policy, as they are usually well paid for the job they do. But, I find it humourous that the company is one who usually brags to others about how much they "value" their employees. Come on! You give the employee $50 to spend for the "extras," and then tell them, "No Starbuck's for you!" That mindset is ludacrist. In reality, all this does is make the employee feel less than "valued."

In a world where finding and keeping proven relationship builders for the long-term health of the company is difficult, shouldn't these little "perks" be kept intact? Or am I just out-of-touch? One cup of Starbucks for each day you are gone from your home is a small price to pay for employee loyalty. But then again, is anyone loyal to anyone anymore?


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  1. You've hit a sore spot for me right now. I have to agree with you about companies taking care of their employees, they shouldn't brag about taking care of them and then make things harder.

    I know the economy stinks, but if you want to keep employees loyal, you should treat them better. (on the flip side, employee's shouldn't take advantage of the bosses) Guess it's a slippery slope.

    Congrats on leaving your job!

    God bless.


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