Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Those who know me well have to laugh at the fact that I am no stranger anywhere I go. That gift most probably came from my mother, Glenna, but I'm quick not to claim that as my family members, (five sisters and three brothers) all get great joy out of calling me "Glinger." I don't make too big a fuss over it as I know there's not one of them that can look in the mirror and not see their mother staring back at them:) They try pawning off her bad habits on me, but I'm adopted and that stuff is hereditary.

So, today I'm in St Louis for work. I board a plane, or should I say three planes, to make my way to Myrtle Beach. I'll be here until Sunday. It's been hot and muggy and I'm dressed in a suit, or I was dressed in a suit, until like most menopausal women, I get too hot and pull into a parking lot of a school and strip off everything I'm wearing clean down to my underwear, crank up the air conditioning and flop my head onto the steering wheel of the car while I refresh myself. Doesn't everybody do that? Work with me.

Yes, you know what happens next. I hear a giggle outside the car, look up and there stands two teenage girls pointing and laughing hysterically! Only me:) I did manage to pull on my travel clothes right away and screamed out of the parking lot toward the airport, gravel spewing across the lot like the Louisiana oil well! What next?

Note the picture today. It was in the window of a store and I thought it was so interesting I just had to snap a photo. Artists of all kinds intrigue me, whether they are painters, glass blowers, dancers or writers. Their works make life a bit easier to digest and add a richness to the blah days we sometimes have. Enjoy! Got to get to bed! Lots of work to do tomorrow. Watch for a contest!

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