Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Attitude is Everything

I am on the road in New Orleans. I'm already beginning the reading and research for the next step of the MFA program. B

Back to the residency a bit as I'd like to share the wonderful experience of having a professional outside reader commentate on my writing. My read was Literary Agent, Chris Tomasino of the New York Tomasino Literary Agency. Her photo is above. She has a great reputation in the business world and has represented authors like ?????? She not only read my book, but had another agent read it as well. They pooled their thoughts and presented me with a six page review!

Boy! I think I was the luckiest student in the program as some students received a one or two page review. The school gave us our reviews on Monday night, allowing us to digest the information or run off wailing into the night! I read mine, took a walk, got on my knees to thank the Lord for Ms. Tomasino's great review and had a great night. With that said, it was no love fest, Ms. Tomasino pointed out what my Des Moines reading group saw, (yeah, Des Moines!) then proceeded to give me advice on how to fix the issues I have been having with structure and time. The honesty I recieved from such  gracious lady is s appreciated! On Thursday,  I got to sit with Chris face to face and talk through her review. it was an incredible experience, one I am going to learn from! http://www.tomasinoagency.com/

So with that, as you write, learn not to take critiques on your work personally, Learn from the experts and keep a good attitude. the writing life is a long lonesome road full of ups and downs, but so well worth it!

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  1. Your positive attitude will take you very far, my dear friend. You are ready to take the publishing world by storm.


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