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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

St Louis and a Writing Tip on Romance

I'm in St Louis, home of the big arch. No, I won't be near it, so you'll have to envision itor look it up on the web! I'm posting a few more pictures from Seneca Falls. Photos of a lovely winery where I had lunch. The vineyards were spectacular, something upstate New York is known for. Go visit. They have a wine trail, but more importantly is being able to enjoy the beauty God created there! Have fun!

I just finished reading Writers Digest, a great magazine filled with a million tips on writing different genres. This month they talked bout Romance Writing and the five characteristics of compatible mates in romantic fiction. I'll sre the brief version, then go buy the magazine! W need to support these craft magazines!

Here are some the the driving characteristics of romance.
          1. Happily Ever After- Conclude your writing with a hopeful outcome. Everybody believes in a fairy tale ending.
          2. Variety-Writing romance is not the same old story over and over. Mix the elements of craft and come up wth something fresh for the reader.
          3. Romantic Tension- Create a desire between the heronine and hero that can be felt by the reader.
          4. Moraioty eflective of the Majority- That means monogamous relationships, good citizens and supportive family values.

These are the keys to good romance writing!

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