Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Las Vegas, Baby!

I'm in Las Vegas right now and am amazed by how many of the wonderful people I have gotten to know over the years are writers! Reed Philips, past President of Southern California University of Health Sciences has written numerous books in the chiropractic world. His wife writes books about cleaning and organizing. Lester Lamb, a friend and recent newlywed from Western States Chiropractic College admitted to me, in front of his wife, that he loves writing short stories. One of my on the road buddies, Dr. Jeff Miller from Footlevelers just had his first book published. Over and over again, I heard people sharing their dream about writing!

The common thread between us is that we have friends, families and readers who are encouraging us to keep on writing! NO, our first attempt might not be worthy of the best seller list, but if we can't learn rejection well, how do we expect publishers and editors to want to work we us?

One thing any writer needs to know up front is that you've got to have a thick skin if you ever expect to be published. If you are sensitive to every critisim or suggestion for rewrite you get, you'll never make it!

So for now, learn to listen and apply suggestions people give you about your work! 'Cause this ain't Vegas, Baby!

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  1. Ginger, I believe true writers feel an insatiable need to comment on their environment and leave a legacy, whether or not they make the best seller list. Writers write.

    I'm so happy to share this in common with you and now I'm learning about the passion many of our colleagues also share.

    I also would not be surprised to see you on the Best Seller list one day. Soon!



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