Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Writer is Never Alone

There are times a writer feels they are all alone in their quest to create a story that will entertain others. I've been feeling that lately. Family obligations and work responsibilities tear at me, pulling me in a hoard of directions.  When this happens, I find that I don't spend enough time stopping to just praise The Lord. I rush through my scripture reading and my devotions and my prayers become half-hearted before a Holy and loving God. Funny thing is, I never accomplish a whole lot and the time I have seems less than on the days I give Him more praise. 

On these days, I picture God sitting on His golden throne, shaking his head and his finger at me in the same loving way I do with my grandson. "No, no, no!" I see Him saying, His eyes shining brightly, yet sadly, Him knowing that if I would just listen to Him, just open His Word, I would find peace from the rat race I am running from. To top it all off, during these times I never seem to actually put pen to paper.

 It is then that I hear the stillness in His voice letting me know I am not alone, that He is still there prodding me to put Him first, before my pen is put to paper. This happened not long ago....again. When I remembered to stop and put Him first, my writing improved and wonderful things started to happen. Not things that others might understand or think are very important, but personal things that needed improvement in my life. 

Now I have a big note on my writing desk. It says, "THY will be done." It's my gentle reminder that "He" is more important than "me." It becomes easy once again to write my stories, because I know I am not alone. 

Then for no good reason, my Savior encourages me again. I get an email from Kindle saying that Run, River Currents is a semi-finalist in the 2013 Kindle Indie Awards! I am amazed, but I know that He must be shaking his head once again wondering how long it is going to take me to realize that He withholds nothing from His children. 

I expect nothing and deserve nothing before this Holy God, but today, Even as I am feeling tired and a bit worn out from chasing my precious grand-baby, I am very, very grateful that my God stands beside me, and I no longer feel alone.

And for news this week, Monday to be exact, Run, River Currents and the Button Legacy will have one more day of each book being .99 cents! Tell your friends and if you read them, please write a review. Authors really appreciate feedback! Have a great week!

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