Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Interview Tomorrow!

As usual, my traveling days are keeping me running. You remember my last post on traveling, right? Junior got a quick lesson in carry-on luggage. Well, Junior made it to his destination, sans luggage and got another quick lesson on what the airlines do for you when your luggage doesn’t arrive with you. Being the seasoned traveler I am, I just sat back and watched. Couldn't help myself, as I need all forms of entertainment just to stay sane.

After about a half hour watching the baggage conveyor circle the stainless steel portal, Junior finally looks around to see that everyone, except he and I, are gone. He stares up into the hole of that conveyor never quite getting that his bags aren't coming out. You remember, I last saw them being tossed back into the moving gateway by the still smirking flight attendant whose instructions Junior decided he wouldn't follow.

Now again, I am the blonde. Junior mumbles a few words to me never asking any advice, I might add, and then storms off to the baggage office to "give them a piece of his mind." I knew he couldn't afford that, but let him go. I stood outside the office and listened to him as he ranted, raved and blamed everyone in sight for his luggage not arriving. The man behind the desk and I locked eyes in some knowing fashion. Maybe it was the smirk on my face, but he knew I knew the big mistake Junior was making. It's called courtesy. A traveler has to recognize that they have no power once they leave the comfort of their own home. A traveler is at the mercy of every service person they come in contact with. Armed with that knowledge, the savvy traveler can manipulate every person they meet with kindness. Poor Junior.

Long story, short. Junior left with no luggage and no chance of even seeing that luggage for the whole three days we were at the trade show. Every morning when he showed up, I had to smile. Same clothes, and no gel for his hair. I had my seat changed for the ride home, as he was smelling a little gamey. Yet another lesson from a road warrior. We can't help ourselves. Watching newbie travelers make mistakes is what we do to entertain ourselves.

Oh! His luggage showed up about two weeks later. Two wheels were gone. You do realize that airlines don't pay for wheels, don't you? I am still smirking.

Also, tomorrow I will be posting a wonderful interview with Canadian, Stacy Eaton, lady cop and suspense writer! Join me, won't you, for another great talk with another great writer!


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