Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kauai or Bust

The short version of how we finally managed to get to Kauai on a much needed vacation goes something like this.....

Cancer..prayer..surgery..prayer..blockage..prayer..big leg swelling..prayer..sonogram..prayer..no clot..praise..fluid sac..prayer..no cancer..praise..surgery..prayer..no Kauai.prayer...Kauai!!!! Praise!!!

Today was the first we've been able to really do nothing! No writing today. No work. Just sunshine, beaches and looking out to sea! Thanks to all of you who sent prayer our way! We wouldn't be here without you!

Already met a lovely woman, Judy and her wild man boyfriend, Dar. Judy is a poet, so we had a chat about books and authors we both enjoy! Very nice couple!

Also, my dear friend, Susan Jones of www.charmofthecarolines.com had a very successful weekend with the Tours of Antebellum Homes and authors that were hosted in Columbia, Tennessee last weekend. Lenore Hart and David Poyer were two of the invited authors. Susan opened her home to them as well and from what I understand a good time was had by all! Read about it on her blog!

Also, if you are serious about writing don't forget to sign up for Hope Clark's, Funds for Writer's online magazine. www.fundsforwriters.com You can get her wonderful subscription for 1/2 price or just $7.00 if you order before December 21, 2010. A must have for the latest articles, opportunities and contests! So order now!

And for you novice opera buffs, learn something new about opera from Gail Martin's website, http://operatoonity.wordpress.com! Start the new year learning more about some art form! You'll be richer for it!

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  1. So pleased that everything worked out. Hope you are having a wonderful time. It looks incredible--I have a feeling you'll be posting more pix. And thanks for the shout-out for my opera blog, btw! Hugs to you and Mike.


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